Daytours on dogsled


Dines tours operate in Tasiilaq on the Ammassaliq island in Greenland.


We offer you accommodation in the central of Tasiilaq with good view and convenient location.  Our two house are a 2bedroom size with shared...

Dog sledding in East – Greenland

Dog sledding in Greenland is an adventure that will create life time memories. Visiting Greenland is in a way like going back in time and the...

Qorlort oq Lake

3 hours
Duration: 3-4 hours A dog sledding tour to the Qorlortoq Lake. We will cross the Tasiilaq bay andcruise through the valley‘s of the Ammassalik...
800 Dkr

Dog sled trip to Sermilik Fjord

8 hours
Duration: 8 hours A dog sledding tour to a place called „Ukiverajik“ where we will have lunch. A good chance to see icebergs and drift ice....
1600 Dkr

Day boat-tour to Kulusuk from Tasiilaq harbor

6 hours
Description: Exiting 6 hours boat-tour within the Ammassalik District. We will sail in one of the Angmagssalik fjords which is surrounded by...

A Day boat-tour to Nagtivik Kangertivat

10 hours
   Description: Exiting boat-tour from Tasiilaq to the Sermilik fjord. We will sail close to drift ice from the glaciers. The route is headed to...